What is the Breakthrough Partners philosophy of missions?
Breakthrough Partners' purpose is always to train and equip the locals. We need to be careful not to take responsibility from the local leaders by bringing in foreigners, so we have to make sure that what we offer is needed, wanted and always helps rather than hurts. That being said, our intent is not to give a "mission experience" but to give effective, meaningful friendship, encouragement, counsel and long-term partnership. (Breakthrough Partners Philosophy of Missions)

What is the time commitment of an internship?
Typically, with a long term mindset to help, encourage, and give effective help to our national/international partners, we are looking for people who can commit to a minimum of eight weeks, including the training, briefing and debrief time.  For some of our internships, we are requiring three months or longer. Click here for a pre-trip planning timeline.

What are some of the internship opportunities available?
Currently we have a number of internship opportunities available in several African countries as well as in the U.S. Click here to review some of these opportunities.

When are these internships being offered?
At this point we have a summer option (June-August), as well as a fall option (September/October start dates).    

What are the costs that I will be responsible for?
The costs will vary depending on your location and length of stay, but you would need to provide for the standard expenses you incur while in-country (including food, housing, and personal expenses).  Additional expenses would include: airfare, insurance, fund-raising expenses, and specific training we provide for your time overseas. Click these links to view an Estimated Budget Template and Fund Raising Materials.  We highly recommend that you develop a support team (prayer and financial) to walk with you before and during this internship.

Can I receive college credit for this experience?
If applicable, we will work with your school to offer a program that would allow for college credit. This may include writing papers or a blog during your stay, a faculty advisor as well as an advisor on our end to give direction and counsel, and a paper at the end of your internship that assimilates what you have learned and how you will apply this knowledge. Most schools have some kind of internship program already set up, so you should look into this with your advisor and let us know what would be required for this to qualify for your school credit.

What could I expect to receive from an internship experience with Breakthrough Partners?
Although experiences may vary greatly depending on your internship location and the partnering organization, it is our expectation that you will be on a team with at least one other intern.  You will live within a local community, working with a partner in some tangible, pre-determined ways, helping them to be more effective and strategic in their ministry paradigm. Additionally, you will benefit greatly from a cross-cultural, experiential learning environment in ways that will both challenge and enhance your personal understanding of world missions.
What kind of pre-trip training is required?
There are several books, documentaries, webinars, and articles that are required reading.  In addition, cross-cultural training, cultural sensitivity training, etc. will be covered in the course of a 2-3 day training period.  Depending on the number of interns, this will either be done on-site, by phone or at a location to be determined.  The cost of the training is $500 which does not include food/lodging/transportation.

What information do I need before I travel?
For some helpful travel tips, click here.

How do I apply for an internship?
CLICK HERE to fill out an application form and email it back to us.