*CARSA - Christian Action for Reconciliation & Social Assistance
Following the tremendous trauma and devastation caused by the 1994 genocide, this Rwandan Christian non-profit organization was created to promote healing, forgiveness and reconciliation throughout the world. Along with these goals, it seeks to address the social needs of the families and communities it serves, fostering cooperation and collaboration with other institutions working for these same causes.  CARSA leads local conferences in Kigali as well as seminars on trauma healing and reconciliation within secondary schools, universities, and churches throughout the community. Additionally it has facilitated a conference on reconciliation in Burundi; organized a second conference on reconciliation in DRC/Goma; facilitated seminars with students, soldiers and pastors.

Christophe Mbonyingabo, founder and director of CARSA, is also the chairman of a Christian Reconciliation Forum involved in the Great Lakes Region (Rwanda, Burundi and DRC).  His passion for serving his community in the areas of healing, forgiveness and reconciliation grew out of seeing his own family, and community torn apart from the effects of the genocide.  Regarding an internship with CARSA, specific experience with computer technology/web design, writing skills, filming or camera work, and teaching English would be especially welcomed at this time. To see CARSA's website,  CLICK HERE.


Goma Vision Conference*CONAHEM - Channel of Nations Healing Ministry Channel of Nations Healing Ministry was founded in Rwanda in 2008 as result of many years of reflection on how to accelerate community transformation after churches in the region began to unfold the principles learned from trainings on Biblical worldview, and Development and Holistic ministry for the local church.  As local churches in Rwanda, Burundi and the Eastern provinces of DR Congo were applying biblical principles for the demonstration of God's Love using local resources, it became clear that the capacity of implemented projects was not enough to alleviate poverty in the community. 

Channel of Nations Healing Ministry
 aims at supporting these efforts by providing assets to accelerate the effect of the Church in order to transform communities through: Income generation, encouraging education for children from poor families, vocational training workshops, and by building the capacity of university graduates to compete for job employment by teaching them English as Second Language.  This is especially important as Rwanda and Burundi are shifting from being Francophone countries to having English as their official language.  An internship with CONEHEM would be two-fold in its scope. The first need would be to teach English as a second language. Furthermore, in order to build the capacity for self-sufficiency and to help bring the nation out of poverty and dependence, specific training in Economic development would be needed.  Finally, this internship will provide some great opportunities for building relationships with the people of Rwanda, as well as gaining valuable cross-culture experiences while helping the next generation of leaders re-build their communities, and the lives of those they will be influencing.

ALICT Students*ALICT-African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation
ALICT, the African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation, seeks to empower a new generation of emerging leaders to facilitate sustainable transformation towards healthy reconciled communities, based on biblical principles, within African nations, and the world beyond. ALICT hosts a learning experience for young community entrepreneurs and leaders for a 3 month period in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Attendees from all over Africa and beyond come together and share cultures and perspectives. Skills are taught, new insights are gained and relationships are fostered. New servant leaders for the transformation of communities meet and grow together. An internship with ALICT would encompass helping them as they put on these annual training schools.  This would include administrative, organizational, and people skills in order to maximize the learning environment, and experience for those leaders participating in the ALICT program. To see the ALICT website, CLICK HERE.

Congo Refugees* Werner Kalka Foundation
 WKF works primarily with vulnerable and high risk individuals. The foundation is active in the slums of Kigali as well as in the rural areas of Rwanda and the Congo. They focus on homeless orphans, poor families living with HIV/AIDS and hunger alleviation. They actively promote reconciliation between opposing ethnic groups and have them work together in collectives to make money for their self-sufficiency.  The foundation also aids a large refugee camp in the DRC providing for their primary needs such as food, shelter and clothing as well as providing trauma counseling, biblical teaching and training for them.

An Internship with Werner Kalka Foundation could include a diversity of skills and abilities.  One need would be in the area of improving skills in the agricultural sector, with opportunities in farming, crop production, and raising livestock. Veterinarian skills would be helpful, but not necessary, as well as skills in improving breeding, and animal husbandry.  Training in project management and economic sustainability, as well as skills in trauma counseling with genocide survivors would be hugely beneficial.  Additionally, WKF is attempting to establish a Women's Training Center where courses will be taught on developing skills in Handcraft works, sewing, and other income generating projects. Finally, bible study and teaching, especially English to widows and orphans would be another way an intern could help the mission of WKF. 

Keith and Allen*Breakhrough Partners - USA
Internships offered in the United States are a new expansion of the ministry of Breakthrough Partners.  Our beginning focus for placement of interns is in the Seattle area where we have a significant partnership with the Coalition for Community Development and Renewal (CCDR).  This partnership has brought us into relationship with leaders of a wide variety of intercultural ministries that include ethnic and multi-cultural churches.  The purpose of our USA internships will be similar to those in other countries but without the complications of crossing borders.  Interns will gain practical experience alongside ethnic/multi-ethnic leaders as we join together in "God's Movement toward Beloved Community." 

Recognizing that the Latino community has become the largest and fastest growing minority community in Washington, we are developing an intentional focus to come alongside bi-lingual, multi-cultural Latino leaders.  We will guide interns to join these Latino leaders in bridging the gap between immigrant communities and the mainstream culture.  Interns will be given the challenge to become multi-cultural leaders themselves as they take an active part in building emerging leaders of multi-cultural communities.

Another opportunity for internships in the United States will be for those who come to us from other parts of the world.  This type of internship would be a unique opportunity for a limited number of candidates and would depend on availability of hosts.