Annual Report 2009
Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the many blessings of this past year. As friends who are passionate for the cause of Christ in serving the needs of the poor and broken, your support through prayers and gifts is a great encouragement both to us and to our partners around the globe. 
God has been faithful to multiply our resources in many ways by opening doors to opportunities in places of incredible need, adding staff to assist in the work, raising up new leaders and strengthening established ones. There are stories of hope, reconciliation, restoration and transformation of individuals and communities because of the faithfulness of God's people to do what they can with what they have been given. Building up leaders, encouraging and training them to build up their own communities is the heart of Breakthrough Partners. 

 We've heard the stories of reconciliation first hand this year through Christophe and CARSA as he visited us in the US and shared the overwhelming need along with the incredible grace of God through His Church. These partners are moving beyond their borders and taking the ministry of reconciliation and social assistance into refugee camps in Burundi, Congo DR and Sudan. This year saw the launch of two other partner organizations in Rwanda: Karisimbi Business Partners, a major initiative to build the capacity of medium to large indigenous businesses, and Hope for Life, a ministry that brings incarcerated street children out of prison into a home with local leadership and the love and hope that God offers. 

West Africa/Ivory Coast: Building and empowering churches to work together for the spread of the Gospel and the alleviation of extreme poverty, this initiative is now spreading into Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso. The training and coaching work being done here will include a Christian Economic Development Institute to be held in early December. 150 key participants will be trained and returned to their communities to affect change through their churches where conservative estimates show 13,000 lives will be brought out of destitute poverty.

Mainland Southeast Asia: Mentoring Christian leaders in Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, to work together and build up the Church for future ministry in a new era. Working with one Malaysian church leader, we have seen 28,000 Vietnamese migrant workers come to Christ in the last four years.

North America: We have added staff and partners who will allow us to respond to requests from other communities and nations as well as to inner city needs in the United States, addressing reconciliation and empowerment of vulnerable minorities. Specifically, we are involved with CCDR, the Coalition for Community Development and Renewal, which brings together local community and church leaders in the Seattle area for multi-racial reconciliation and collaboration. This past summer we relocated and expanded our office in order to continue to address the increased opportunities confronting us.

Lives are being saved, leaders are being built, and communities are being transformed. Again, your faithful prayers and support are an encouragement and inspiration for us as we seek to come alongside, mentor and equip those whom God has placed in these communities of acute need. Thank you for faithfulness to the call of God.