Be wise in the way you act toward those who are not believers, making good use of every opportunity you have.    Colossians 4:5 GNT

 Making good use of every opportunity . . .

In 2010 we have met men and women with a passion to see God's Kingdom come to Africa, who seek to transform their communities through the love of Jesus Christ made flesh through their lives. Eager to use the few resources available to them in ways that multiply and grow rather than diminish them, they are Godly, innovative networkers who Jesus would recognize as leaders the likes of Peter and Paul. They are the fruit of your investment in this continent!

West Africa
In March 2010, leaders from Congo Brazzaville hosted a conference in Port Noire, Congo Brazzaville to train 155 pastors and lay leaders in biblical principles of community and economic development. This conference was done by Africans for Africans with no outside funding.

They had a vision of transformation for their nation, a vision shared with them at a conference they attended in Côte d'Ivoire last year. There we trained them in a Biblical worldview and entrepreneurship, setting up savings and credit associations, and strategies for sustainable change of communities.

They are some of the catalytic leaders being raised up in Africa with a vision and hope for the future. They are asking for more training, mentoring and coaching so that they can be the representatives of Jesus to their communities.  They are anxious to serve, to teach, to change the culture of their nations for Christ.

In partnership with a local NGO called CARSA, Christian Action for Reconciliation & Social Assistance, we are working to facilitate training in trauma healing and  character formation. One of the group's leaders, Sylvestre, says that many Sunday School teachers are not aware that the painful events of Rwanda's past have affected and continue to influence their students today. These same teachers also express a need for training and reconciliation in their own lives.

We are working with CARSA on a children's character formation curriculum that will speak to the critical needs of this society, to change the culture through the children by teaching them five core, biblical values, influencing every sector of society from the youngest to the elderly, to break the cycle of hatred and violence by embracing the truth and values of Christ Jesus.

South Africa
God is indeed working through the leadership of Charles George as he partners with churches, groups and the government to bring sustainable change to his community. Through partnerships with qualified Christian doctors, business people, government and university leaders, impact is being felt throughout the Cape Town area. Doing door to door medical visitations, many poor families have been reached with the Gospel. Christian lawyers volunteer their services with legal matters. The university's sports faculty is used to play soccer with the youth and minister to them. Orphans and vulnerable children in the community are fed daily. All of these activities are pointing the people to God.

Fear turned into relationship, poverty to self-sufficiency, corruption to moral clarity, hatred turned to peace.

With the success of these programs come opportunities to engage more leaders, spread the training into more communities and capture the sustainability factors that each successful program incorporates.

Doors are open; opportunities abound. Your partnership enables us to foster relationships, train leaders and bring hope.